Personal Sessions

Personal Wellness Programs
    Have a long term health issue you'd like to address naturally?  Overwhelmed by the huge lists of diet, lifestyle and herbal suggestions all at once?  Darcey offers long term health coaching just for you.  Short weekly sessions targeted specifically to your needs, where you are at right now, and your goals, in small managable and achievable bite sized chunks!  Big changes can't be made overnight, without support. Darcey offers you the ongoing support and guidance you need over the long haul to make the changes you want in your health and well-being.

Work with Darcey Blue for 3-9 months on transforming your health and vitality from the ground up.  Chronic health conditions, diet and lifestyle transformation, long term wellness and quality of life, ongoing herbal and nutritional support and accountability. Including auto-immune disorders, digestive disorders, metabolic syndrome, weight loss/gain, food allergies, women's hormone balance, pregnancy/lactation, anxiety/depression, asthma, cancer support and more.

Herbal Acute Care Sessions
When life's ups and downs need attention, herbal medicine can support and benefit you and your family's  health needs.  Perfect for cold/flu, injury recovery, minor first aid, and short term health issues.  Sessions last between 30 min and 1 hr.

Personal Plant Spirit Medicine Sessions
Using shamanic journey, divination and compassionate communication - we will discover plant allies that want to assist you in your journey.  We will use flower essences, medicine bags, herbal teas/tinctures, and aromatherapy to connect with your plant allies.  These sessions are not a substitute for long term wellness work for your physical health needs, but serve as a spring board, deepening or complement to your healing path and can offer many levels of healing and support on emotional and spiritual levels.

Backyard Herbalism
     Learn which plants grow in your yard, or on your property, what they can be used for, and how to prepare, nurture, tend and work with them.  Darcey will come to your home or property and teach you about the safe use, proper harvesting and stewardship techniques of the plants growing around you!

Private Herbal Mentorships
   Want to learn more about herbs at your own pace, and in your own home?  Join Darcey in a personally designed herbal mentorship just for you. Meet either in person, or via phone to get personalized lessons, experiences, ideas and plant study and companionship.  This is tailored to meet your specific needs and desires as an herbalist.  Perfect for beginners or intermediate herbalists wanting to go deeper with their work.

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Group Education

Edible and Medicinal Plant ID Walks
    Group walks in a natural setting to learn about the plants growing in our bioregion, how to identify, harvest and prepare them.  Includes discussion ecological stewardship of precious medicinal plant resources, ethical wildcrafting, and much much more!

Hands On Group Workshops
Darcey offers practical hands on workshops on all topics herbal and nutritional!  Workshops offered by request for groups of eager students.  Stay tuned to the Events page for listings of upcoming workshops!  Medicine making, Beating Influenza Naturally, Herbs for Maiden, Mother and Crone, Light your Fire- Herbs and Foods for Digestive Health and much more!

Darcey offers periodic online intensives and workshops throughout the year.  These courses can be taken anywhere by anyone with internet access, telephone and e mail.  Stay tuned to the Events page for current and upcoming online class listings!

Check the Events page for upcoming teleseminars on varying herbal topics!

Sacred Plant Medicine
     Shamanic Plant Journey Circle
Join Darcey for a journey into the inner realms to connect with the plants.  Using techniques of shamanic journey, trance drumming, flower essences, and plant extracts - we will take a journey to the heart of a specific plant and its medicine-physical, emotional and spiritual.  No experience with shamanic journey or herbalism is necesary to take part and see results.  Darcey has been leading Plant Journey circles with people of all experience levels since 2009 with amazing results and insights for everyone.  This is a unique and powerful way to connect with and learn about plants and their gifts for us!  Stay tuned to the Events page for upcoming circles, or request one for your group at your convenience!

     Plant Communication and Awareness Hikes
Join Darcey for an adventure in wilder places learning to connect with on a deeper level, the wild plants and places around us.  These walks run between 4-6 hours, and include mild to moderate hiking, focused quiet time to explore the plants and nature around us with all 5 senses, guidance on beginning to tune into and open up to the ways the plants and the wild world communicate with us on energetic, spiritual and physical levels all the time!

Public Events & Conferences
     Darcey is available to appear at public events and conferences to speak and present on various topics in herbalism, healing and nutrition.  Previous topics include:  Nourishing the Wild You, Talking to Trees: Medicine of the Tree Nation, Light your Fire: Herbs for Digestive Health, Surviving the Flu: Prevention and Intervention.  She has appeared at events such as the Traditions In Western Herbalism Conference, NM, WEAVE at Earthlands, the Healing Center in Beverly, MA.  Contact Darcey today to schedule a topic at your event!

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