Herbal CSA

Blue Turtle Botanicals Herbal CSA

Do you like delicious freshly blended teas, handcrafted medicinal quality tinctures and elixirs, healing natural salves, luscious nourishing face creams and wildcrafted herbs? Join the Blue Turtle Botanicals CSA!

The first version of the herbal product CSA was such a hit, I've decided to offer and open up the CSA for future memberships!
You can sign up for a 6 month membership or a full year membership.  Each month you will be sent a package of freshly made herbal medicines- teas, tinctures, flower essences, creams, salves and more-made from ethically wildcrafted plants, organic or homegrown herbs, and lots of love by your herbalist, Darcey Blue.  You can elect a small share (1 product per month) or a large share (2 products per month) and pay each month with an easy subscription service through Paypal.  See the payment options below.

Selections will be seasonal- based on what is available and growing well and abundantly, and what inspires in the moment of connection between wilderness,  plant and herbalist.  You can expect such medicines as:
St John's Wort Tincture & Oil
Calendula Flower Oil
Lemon Balm Tincture
Peppermint Elixir
Green Healing Salve
Elderberry Elixir
Yarrow Tincture
Roots Vinegar
a selection of our delicious teas at Blue Turtle Botanicals
herbal face creams
and a whole lot more!