CSA Membership for Loyal Customers

Thank you for your consistent and enthusiastic support of my little herbal business over the last several years. You have made my work possible through your repeated purchases of my products! You are one of my highly appreciated and most loyal customers and I am so grateful! I wanted to thank you for your continued support- I know that you have a lot of choices when you go to purchase herbal products for your health, beauty and enjoyment and am so honored that you consistently choose my products. I put a lot of heart and soul into each and every bottle of medicine that I've gathered from Gaia's abundant Earth. Your choice to support business that love and respect the Earth goes a long way in helping to create the new kind of economy and society that we all long for- one that respects life, nature, each other and spirit. Each and every day I wake with gratitude that I am fortunate enough to be able to do this work, to work with the plants, and with people, and the earth, and bring the best of all them and myself to you in the products I make.

 You have purchased from me many times, a variety of products, and I would like to encourage you to consider joining my Botanical Medicine CSA- which offers you the best of the products I make- first, before they go out to the public at large, and often times, they never get out to the public- these are the cream of the crop, the items that are one of a kind, come only once a year, or just don't lend themselves to large quantities sold to the public.

 The CSA offers you freshly made herbal products delivered to your door each month- elixirs, tinctures, vinegars, teas, salves, creams and more! Because you have been so incredibly faithful and supportive for so long, I'm giving you an amazing discount to join the CSA! This discount is just for you- my most loyal customers, and is only good for a short while!

 If you have been considering joining the CSA ever- this would be the right time to do it! For a limited time and for a limited number of members- I'm offering the CSA memberships for 30% discount! You can choose your membership duration and share size as usual- and choose payment plans or pay in full- whatever suits your budget at this time. 

  •  A 12 month Large share (2 products per month) is normally $480- right now I'm offering membership for $335 
  • A 6 month Large share is normally $240, now just $170 
  •  You can choose either duration of a large share for just $28/month (That is the normal price of a small share! Its like getting a free product every month!) 

  •  A 12 month Small share is normally $330 and is now just $230! ($100 off!)
  •  A 6 month Small share is usually $165 and is now just $115! 
  •  Or you can make monthly payments of 19.99/month! 

 Make your CSA membership selection below before Sept 15!

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