Tucson Herbal Medicine CSA

Now available in Tucson, AZ– a locally produced herbal medicine CSA!  Ethically crafted herbal medicines from the deserts and mountains of the southwest, handcrafted by Clinical Herbalist, Darcey Blue of  Blue Turtle Botanicals. 

Darcey Blue is the clinical herbalist, wildcrafter, plant whisperer, medicine maker and owner of Blue Turtle Botanicals.  In recent years,  the development of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA's) has blossomed all across the country.  In this unique partnership, communities support their local farms, business and ecosystems by purchasing a share at the beginning of the season, and are rewarded with rich, healthy, locally grown food and products for a specific amount of time. 

In light of this development, Darcey Blue has created a unique Herbal CSA!  Much like farming, earth centered herbalism is based on long term relationships with the land and the plants harvested, and the skill and art of making medicines, formulas and finished products from the raw plants.  Herbal products have become widely available in health food stores across the nation, allowing more people more access to natural plant medicines, but what is lacking from this model, is precisely what the Community Supported Agriculture movement has done for farming, and what it can do for herbalism!  It provides sustainable, healthy, locally produced plant medicines made by with the skill, knowledge,  intention, love and magic of your herbalist.  And now, the Herbal CSA in Tucson, AZ!

·          6 months of fresh, local herbal medicine 
·          2 locally produced products each month (tincture, salve or tea)
·          Informational newsletter with each package describing the products, the plants and how best to use them
·          Local pick up in Tucson,  AZ each month at a central location (delivery available for an extra fee)

Shares begin June 1! 
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6 months of fresh, locally produced Herbal Medicines
for $199

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Herbal Medicine CSA in Tucson, AZ